System Center Operations Manager 2012: Discovery

Now that we have a running SCOM 2012, we are going to discover and install agents to the computers we want to monitor.

On this guide, we will discover and install SCOM Agents on Server1 (AD) and Server 2 (SQL Server). Without installing the agents, SCOM 2012 won’t able to monitor those machines effectively. Even though you can still monitor a machine without an agent, most management pack available requires an agent to run. Remember that an agentless machines places greater resource requirements over an agent-managed computer.

Let’s start


Open SCOM Operations Manager Console

Click on the Administration Pane

Click Discovery Wizard

4-11-2012 2-50-37 PM

On the Computer and Device Management Wizard, we choose Windows Computers since

4-11-2012 2-50-50 PM

We will choose Advance Discovery. Since we will target only Servers, on the Computer and Device Classess, choose Servers.

Click Next

4-11-2012 2-50-56 PM

Since this is a fresh installation of SCOM, we are going to Scan the entire Active Directory. Please be reminded that if your Organization has a large no of computers or servers, it will take time before the entire AD will be discovered.

Click Next

4-11-2012 2-51-10 PM

We now specify an account with Administrator rights on the computers. This will also be the account to be used when installing the Agent. On this guide, I have used by Domain Admin account.

4-11-2012 2-51-29 PM

SCOM managed to discover Server1, Server2 and Server3. I will now select both Server1 and Server.

Management Mode: Agent

Click Next

4-11-2012 2-51-54 PM


4-11-2012 2-52-19 PM


4-11-2012 2-52-44 PM


4-11-2012 2-55-25 PM


For Active Directory not being monitored issues, we add NT Authority\SYSTEM using HSLOCKDOWN Tool.

The tool can be found on C:\Program Files\ System Center Operations Manager\Agent\hslockdown

4-11-2012 4-16-37 PM

Restart the Healthservice after adding NT Authority\System

And its done! We can now see both Server1 and Server2 being monitored.

4-11-2012 4-18-10 PM

On the next guide, we will install and configure some management pack. A management pack extends the monitoring capabilities of SCOM. It defines what are the things to be monitored on a certain Microsoft application. All Microsoft software has its own management pack.


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